SBI PO 2000


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

What is the number of countries in IMF?

Question 2

Who among the following has been honoured with the 1999 "Dadasaheb Phalke" Award?

Question 3

Recently in which State the resident doctors were declared "war of millenium against government" because they were on a long strike for fourteen days?

Question 4

On which day the "The World Handicapped Day" is observed on ?

Question 5

Recently which airline ,Air India has signed an agreement for joint enterprise?

Question 6

Who among the following has been selected as the ‘’Businessman of the year ‘’ 1999 by the Business India?

Question 7

Who among the following has been sworn in as Governor of Manipur?

Question 8

Which of the following publication has recently celebrated its seventy fifth year of Publications ?

Question 9

The Plane of Indian Airlines which was hijacked recently which is of following is the original route?

Question 10

Who was among the following is author of the book ‘’The Wealth and poverty Of nations’’.

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