SBI PO 2000


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 11

Recently ,which Gulf Country has passed a bill in the parliament ,according to that bill ladies will be able to use her franchise and get will not able to contest in parliament elections?

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Question 12

The loan which was taken by the indian government directly from market till june 1999, which among the following denotes in percentage of GDF?

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Question 13

Which among the following shows realflow of the foreign investment in india till june 1999?

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Question 14

How much amount has been reserved for the different subsidiaries in union Budget 1999-2000 ?

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Question 15

which of the following is not the reason for the increase in the fiscal deficit of india which is recently estimated?

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Question 16

The 54th summit of the commonwealth countries was recently held at

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Question 17

which of the following countries has launched its experimental space shuttle ‘’shanho ‘’ in November 1999?

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Question 18

Which of the following reasons was reported in newspapers during October -November 1999 that ‘Life of Orissa came to a halt’’.
1. Due to non passing of Budget the state government was unable to do its normal business
2. More than a million staffs of union and state Government banks ,Railway sectors and other govt employees went on strike
3. There come a national calamity in which many lives and enormous property property was loot

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Question 19

which of among of the following Statements is True about the Alien Goslasis which is a child of cuban origin and present living in america
1. The child was saved by the saved by the fisherman when he was swimming
2. He is the only surviving child of three of a boat accident in which mother and father and mother has died.
3. The accident occured when his mother was trying to leave Cuba with her American husband
4. The child wants to go cuba to father's house but America is not allowing so ,because both are not friendly countries

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Question 20

Recently why was Fernando De Laura was in the news?

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