SBI PO 1999


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 141

If the ages of P and R added to twice the age of Q ,the total becomes 59 .If the age of Q and R are added to thrice age of P,the total becomes 68 and if the age of the P is added to thrice age of Q and thrice the age age of R the total becomes 108 .What is the age of P?

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Question 142

Four of the following five parts numbered A,B,C,D,E are in the following equation are exactly equal.Which of the part is not equal to the other four.The number of that part is the answer

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Question 143

If the height of a triangle is decreased by 40% and it’s base is increased by 40% , what will be the effect on its area?

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Question 144

The product of ages of Harris and Sharma is 240 .If twice the age of Sharma is more than Harris age by 4 years ,what is Sharma age in years?

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Question 145

A 260 meter long train crosses a 120 meter long wall in 19 seconds .What is the speed of the train?

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Read the following graph carefully and answer questions given below it.

Production of three Different Types of Tyres by a Company over the Years (in lakhs)

Question 146

What was the percentage drop in the number of C type tyres manufactured from 1993 to 1994?

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Question 147

What was the difference between the number of B type tyres manufactured in 1994 and 1995?

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Question 148

The total number of all the three tyres manufactured was the least in which of the following years?

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Question 149

In which of the following years was percentage production of B type tyres to C type tyres the maximum?

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Question 150

The total production of C type tyre in 1992 and 1993 together was what percentage of Production of B type tyres in 1994?

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