SBI Clerk 2shift 19 Aug 2007


These questions are based on the following information :
‘A @ B ‘ means ‘A is added to B’.
‘A * B’ means ‘A is multiplied by B’
‘A # B’ means ‘A is divided By B ‘
‘A $ B’ means ‘B is subtracted from A’
In each question, some information is given. You have to find out which expression correctly represents the statement.

Question 181

Total age of 12 boys is ‘X and the total age of 13 girls is ‘Y. What is the average age (A) of all the boys and girls together ?

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Question 182

Population of state M (P1) is less than half of population of state N (P2) by 1,50,000.

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Question 183

Number of boys (B) in a class is equal to one-fourth of three times the number of girls (G) in the class.

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Question 184

Salary of Mr. X (S1) is more than 40% of Mr. Y’s salary (S2) by Rs. 8,000

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Question 185

Marks obtained by Sujit in History (H) are 85% of his marks obtained in Science (M).

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In the following questions, the symbols @, #, $, © and % are used with different meanings as follows :
‘P @ Q’ menas ‘P is not smaller than Q,
‘P # menas `P is not greater than Q’.
‘P $ 9′ menas `P is neither greater than nor equal to Q’.
‘P© Q’ mcnas ‘P is neither smaller than nor equal to Q’.
‘P % menas ‘P is neither greater than nor smaller than Q’.
Now in each of the following questions assuming the given statements to be true, find which of the two conclusions I and II given below them is / are definitely true ?
Give answer a: if only Conclusion I is true.
Give answer b: if only Conclusion II is true.
Give answer c: if either Conclusion I or II is true.
Give answer d: if neither Conclusion I nor II is true.
Give answer e: if both Conclusion I and II are true.

Question 186

Statements :
V $ W, W @ T, T # H
Conclusions :
I: V © T
II. : H % W

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Question 187

Statements :
H © M. M@ E, E $ C
Conclusions :
I : C © M
II : H © E

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Question 188

Statements :
N © J, J % R, R © H
Conclusions :
I : R # N
II : N © H

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Question 189

Statements :
L @ K, K © A, A$W
Conclusions :
I :W $ L
II : L # W

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Question 190

Statements :
J # R, R © D, D @ F
Conclusions :
I : F $ R
II : F % R

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