RRB NTPC 12 April 2016 Shift 3


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

Ritesh sold a pen for Rs. 36 with a profit of 20%. If it were sold for Rs. 33. then what could be the percentage of profit or loss?

Question 2

Which sport has the highest rank of Yokozuna?

Question 3

Rearrange the jumbled up letters in their natural sequence and find the odd one out.

Question 4

What does UFO stand for?

Question 5

The height of a light house is 20 meters above sea level. The angle of depression (from the top of the lighthouse) of a ship in the sea is 30°. What is the distance of the ship from the foot of the light house?

Question 6

Which queen of Ahmednagar opposed emperor Akbar?

Question 7

When is International day for Preservation of Ozone layer observed?

Question 8

Who invented the bifocal glasses?

Question 9

Identify the odd one from the list below.

Question 10

What denotes learned and shared beliefs and behaviours?

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