RRB Group-D 28th Sep 2018-shift -1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 81

An object has a potential energy of 400 J with a mass of 20 kg and gravity of 10 N $$kg^{-1}$$. The height of the object is:

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Question 82

With which sport is B Sai Praneeth associated?

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Question 83

In which of the following field Udipi Ramachandra Rao has been awarded Tadma Vibhusharf by the Government of India in 2017?

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Question 84

Which of the below is NOT a city/ village/ town of Rajasthan?

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Question 85

........ is not acidic.

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Question 86

A shopkeeper sold two items, one at 25% profit and another at 15% loss and got a profit of ₹ 35. If the cost price of the item sold at 25% profit is twice than that of the item sold at 15% loss, find the sum of the cost price of both items.

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Question 87

What is the next term in the given series?
22A, 42E, 62I, ?.....

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Question 88

An object travels 15 m in 4 s and then another 16 m in 3 s. What is the average speed of the object?

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Question 89

The law of definite proportions was stated by ..........

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Question 90

Which of the shapes in the options are combined to form the given shape?

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