RRB NTPC Quant Test 59


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

A hollow sphere with external and internal diameters as 24 cm and 16 cm, respectively, is melted into a cylinder with a base diameter of 32 cm. The height of the cylinder is closest to:

Q 2

Consider the given statement and decide which of the following assumptions is/are implicit in the statement.
The headmistress called for a meeting for all staff members to discuss on discipline issues.
I. There were some discipline issues that were raised earlier.
II. The headmistress wants to address all of them together.

Q 3

In an auditorium, the number of rows is equal to the number of chairs in each row. If there are 5184 chairs in total. how many rows are there?

Q 4

Look carefully at the sequence of symbols to find the pattern.

Which of the following will replace the (?) in the sequence?

Q 5

From a square plate with each side 7 cm, squares of area 0.25 $$cm^2$$ are cut out at each corner and the remaining plate is folded along the cuts to form a cuboid. The volume of this open-top cuboid will be .........$$cm^3$$.

# Name Overall Score
1 ram manohar 5
2 mic andy 5
3 Patel Shveta 5
4 Surajit Bhawal 5
5 Simhachalam Vangapandu 5
6 Dèèpàk Tìrkèý 4
7 Sudalaimuthu Suresh 4
8 Nick Hemant 4
9 Jithendra Nakka 4
10 Manikanta 4

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