RRB NTPC Quant Test 31


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

How long will a sum of money take to double. if it is invested at 9.09% p.a. simple interest?

Question 2

Find the missing (?) in the series:
9, 4, 16, 6, 36, 9, 81, ?

Question 3

In a certain code language if 41095 is READY and 840327 is FRAILS then 83145 419 is

Question 4

A loan of Rs. 305 was taken at a certain rate per annum of compound interest, for 3 years. After three years the amount repaid was Rs. 670, calculate the rate of compound Interest.

Question 5

Rearrange the jumbled up letters in their natural sequence and find the odd one out.

#NameOverall Score
1sasmita pani5
2Vaishali Galani5
4shashank pandey5
5Sunil Tripathi5
6uzma aijaz5
7Muthu Saravanan5
8Sukwinder kaur4
9Subham Prasad4
10mukul shekhawat4

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