RRB NTPC Quant Test 19


Consider the following information and answer questions based on it.
Suresh is taller than Ramesh who is shorter than Rakesh. Jinesh is taller than the shortest person but shorter than Rakesh. Pritesh is taller than Suresh but shorter than Jinesh.

Q 1

Who is the shortest?

Q 2

If Jayesh who is taller than Suresh joins the group. who will be fourth. if they are arranged in a descending order?

Q 3

Which statement, among the following, is correct?


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 4

A fisherman can row 2 km against the stream in 20 minutes and return jn 15 minutes. The speed of current is ?

Q 5

A man starts walking at 6.30a.m. and wants to cover a distance of 30km. His initial speed is 6 kmph and after covering three-fifth distance, he reduces his speed by 2 kmph. At what time will he complete his walk?

# Name Overall Score
1 shubham yadav 5
2 Shubham Kumar 5
3 shailendra Rajput 5
4 Dnyanu Kchothe 5
5 Manikanta 5
6 shanmukhrao Kanithi 5
8 rosary prasamsa 5
9 r.sundari 5
10 Iman Acharya 5

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