Railways Reasoning Test 177


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Pointing to a photograph of a person Ramesh said, "This person is the son oldie only child of my mother." Then how is Ramesh. related to that person?

Q 2

Meenu goes to the grocery shop just adjacent to her home on the right side. Her home's entrance faces East. After entering the shop she turns to her right to start walking towards an aisle that has fresh produce. Which direction is she walking?

Q 3

Fill in the missing space with the correct figure.

Q 4

The pattern in which of the following options most closely resembles the pattern in the given image?

Q 5

Four pairs of words are given. Find the odd one out.

# Name Overall Score
1 Arati Maurya 5
2 Sahil Beniwal 5
3 Rinki Chakraborty 5
4 Yamuna 123 5
6 Shivanshu Burman 5
7 sara saranya 5
8 supriya gaur 3
9 Pallav Verma 3
10 Eshana Kasyap 3

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