Railways Reasoning Test 161


Consider the following information and answer the questions based on it.
Out of the 75 birders, 15 wanted to see only sunbird, 10 wanted to see only flycatcher, 12 wanted to see both sunbird and nuthatch, 15 wanted to see only bee-eater, 13 wanted to see both sunbird and bee-eater, 5 wanted to see both flycatcher and nuthatch and the remaining wanted to see only nuthatch.

Q 1

How many birders wanted to see only one bird?


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 2

Pointing to a boy in a photograph, Neena said, “He is the son of my grandmother’s only
daughter”. How is Neena related to the boy?

Q 3

Consider the given argument and decide which of the given assumptions is (are) implicit.
A top television company announced up to 50%discount on their new launch of LED TV.
1. The sales of the LED TV may increase.
2. The company will become the top seller of the LED TV.

Q 4

Select the Answer Figure that can replace the ? symbol in the Problem Figure.

Q 5

In the given sequence, the numberofletters preceded by a symbol and followed by a
number is ..........

# Name Overall Score
1 Eshana Kasyap 5
2 Arun Kumar 4
3 Venkat Rao 4
4 Syt 4
5 The Glam Bong 4
6 Debjit Singha 4
7 Goutam Mondal 4
8 apoorva 4
9 nta exam 4

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