Railways Reasoning Test 135


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Select the correct set that represents the following Venn diagram.

Q 2

Daughter is to father as niece is to

Q 3

Which of the given Answer Figures depicts the correct water image of the given Problem Figure?

Q 4

The mean of 25 values was 40. But one value was written as 25 instead of 50. The corrected mean is

Q 5

In a certain code, if MIZZLY is written as ZIMYLZ and PUZZLE is written as ZUPELZ,
then what will BUZZWORD be written as in the same code?

# Name Overall Score
1 Sudita Roy 5
2 Pramod 5
3 Tanmay Pradhan 5
4 suhail ahmed 5
5 Vipin Vips 5
6 Sneha Roy 5
7 Gulab Maurya 5
8 Birsha vr 4
9 rajib pal 4
10 Ashok Medi 4

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