Railways Reasoning Test 106


Study the following information carefully and answer these questions.

P, Q, R, S, T, W and Z are seven students studying in three different institutes A, B and C. There are three girls among the seven students who study in each of the three institutes. Two of seven students study BCA, two study Medicine and one each studies Aviation Technology, Journalism and MBA.R studies in the same college as P who studies MBA in college B.No girl studies Journalism or MBA. T studies BCA in college C. S studies Journalism in the same college as Q. Neither R nor Z studies BCA. The girl who studies BCA does not study in college C.W and Z study in the same college and W is a guy.

Q 1

Which of the following pairs of students study BCA?

Q 2

In which college does Q study ?

Q 3

In which of the college do three of them study ?

Q 4

What is the college of Z ?

Q 5

Which of the following three represent girls ?

# Name Overall Score
1 aniket singh 5
2 rosary prasamsa 5
3 bhuvi 5
4 pitambar mishra 5
5 uma 5
6 Rahul Gautam 3
8 Amulya Lenka 3
9 snehlata 3
10 rupesh amrutkar 3

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