Railways Quant Test 161


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Insulators have resistivity of the order of:

Q 2

If NCLAGJ stands for PENCIL, then AMJMSP stands for

Q 3

To get number 40, the number $$6\frac{2}{9}$$ should be multiplied with

Q 4

Samar was given some money to take care of his travel during an 8-day sales drive he had to undertake. However he had to increase his stay by another 6 days and as a result his average daily travel allowance went down by ₹ 120. What was the amount that was sanctioned to him in the beginning?

Q 5

You purchased two pieces of cloth measuring 1.2 m and 1.3 m each at Rs. 330 and Rs. 270 per meter respectively and gave Rs. 1000 at the payment counter. How much cash will you get back?

# Name Overall Score
1 All in one 5
2 Vishnu Yadav 5
3 Prem Chandar 5
4 Arxel Gaming 5
5 Suchismita Das 5
6 Arun Krishna 5
7 Abhijit Bera 5
8 paila dileep 4
9 Archana Kumari 4
10 abhinay vyda 4

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