Railways Quant Test 155


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

A and B got Rs. 4,000 each as their share and C. Rs. 2,000. The ratio in which C, B and A distributed the amount is ?

Q 2

$$\sin^6 A + \cos^6 A$$ - 1 is equal to

Q 3

By selling an article for Rs.l00. a man gains Rs 30 as profit.Then his gain% is :

Q 4

Sarthak can fill a sand-pit with sand in 36 days while Vivan takes 90 days to fill it. Ali can take the entire sand of a filled sand-pit out in 60 days. If all three start working when the pit is empty, in how many days will the sand-pit be full again?

Q 5

Shrenik switched on a bulb at 2:39:40 hours and switched it off on the same day at 12:30:34 hours. For how long was the bulb in switched-on mode?

# Name Overall Score
1 manojit Das 5
2 Eshana Kasyap 5
3 Siva Prasad 5
4 Mithun R 5
5 Rahul yadav 4
6 apoorva 4
7 nta exam 4
8 Abhishek Raibagkar 4
9 Mahesh Samal 3
10 Toton Modak 3

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