Railways Quant Test 117


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

The given table represents the marks obtained by four students W, X, Y and Z in four subjects P. C, B and M, with the maximum marks in each subject being 100.
What is the average marks of the four students in P?

Q 2

B has 32 pens, 24 pencils and 16 erasers. How many sets of these three items can B make without any left over?

Q 3

Pipes A and C can fill an empty cistern in 7 and 10.5 hours, respectively while Pipe B can drain the filled cistern in 5.25 hours. If the three pipes are turned on together when the cistern is empty, how many hours will it take for the cistern to be $$\frac{2}{3}$$ full?

Q 4

There are 40% women workers in an office. 40% women and 60% men of that office voted for in my favour. What is the percentage of total votes in my favour ?

Q 5

Read the given statement and choose which argument is strong.
Should the Indian government stop spending huge amounts of money on organising Commonwealth Games in the country?
1. Yes, the money can be used for the development of poor people.
2. No, sports plays a significant role in exposing talent and helping athletes gain international exposure.

# Name Overall Score
1 Siva 5
2 Sanjib Mishra 5
3 Arun Kumar 5
4 Ritesh Kumar 5
5 Himanshu Shukla 5
6 Sachin Sharma 5
7 Eshana Kasyap 4
8 Gursewak Singh 4
9 Piyush Thakur 4
10 Archana Kumari 4

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