Railways General Knowledge Test 179


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

An incident ray strikes a plane mirror at an angle of $$20^\circ$$ with the mirror. The angle between the incident ray and reflected ray is ............

Q 2

Give an example of a salt which gives an aqueous solution of pH less than 7.

Q 3

Which of the following_ statements is true?

Q 4

In which year did Ole Romer measure the speed of light for the first time in the history?

Q 5

When a glass is rubbed by a silken cloth, the rod acquires

# Name Overall Score
1 Niladri Haldar 5
2 Rajesh Ojha 5
3 Blue 5
4 Jingal Bell 5
5 Suchismita Das 5
6 Krishna Samanta 5
7 Sanjukumar Mane 5
8 lokesh batta 5
9 JJ Thomson 5
10 Betu Sharma 5

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