RBI Grade B 25 Aug 2013


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 11

Who has authored the novel, titled 'Half Life'?

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Question 12

Which of the following is correct regarding the Securities Transaction Tax?

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Question 13

Which of the following statements is/are correct regarding FDI or FII stake in any company?

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Question 14

Every commercial bank in India have to maintain liquid assets such as precious metals (gold) or other approved securities as reserves other than the cash. This is known as Statutory Liquidity Ratio. What is its present rate?

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Question 15

The government is giving a fresh push to its flagship rural employment scheme ahead of the general elections, providing additional funds to four states. Which one is not among those states?

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Question 16

What is the standard weight in which gold is quoted in the international market?

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Question 17

Who heads the Committee on Insurance Broking which was in news recently?

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Question 18

Mr. Anil Khatri filed a complaint with the Banking Ombudsman. However, he is not satisfied with the decision of the Ombudsman. Whom can he approach now for the redressal of his grievance?

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Question 19

What is the name of a path-breaking initiative by the Government and the Indian Banks' Association which promises to bring basic banking services to 73,000 unbanked villages with a population of 2,000 and above?

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Question 20

In which state of India is the Koyna Hydroelectric Power project located?

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