RBI Grade B 25 Aug 2013


Study the following information to answer the given questions.
V, U and T are seated in a circle facing the centre. A, B and C are also seated in the same circle but two of them are not facing the centre (facing opposite direction of the centre). V is second to the left of C. U is second to the right of A. B is third to the left of T. C is second to the right of T. A is seated next to V.

Question 191

Which of the following is V's position with respect to C ?

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Question 192

Which of the following is true regarding the seating arrangement?

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Question 193

Which of the following is A's position with respect to U ?

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In each question below is given a statement followed by two "Expectations" numbered I and II. An Expectation is something which can either be an objective or prospect or desired outcome or hope behind the action /statement. You have to consider the statement and the following Expectations and decide which of the Expectations is implicit in the statement.
Give answer a:if only Expectation I is implicit.
Give answer b: if only Expectation II is implicit.
Give answer c: if either Expectation I or II Expectation II is implicit.
Give answer d: if neither Expectation I nor Expectation II is implicit.
Give answer e: if both Expectations I and II are implicit.

Question 194

Statement : A promotional campaign - For healthy children encourage them to play in the playgrounds rather than video games at home.
Expectations :
I. Health of atleast some children would improve following this campaign.
II. Most of the parents would not buy video games for their children after this promotional campaign.

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Question 195

Statement : 'We should export the surplus of wheat in order to utilize its over-production this year'.
Expectations :
I. Knowing that the exported wheat is a part of the surplus of the total production, many countries would not pay the desired amount for it.
II. Some countries are willing to import wheat.

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Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below :
Seven representatives of a company — Samir, Nita, Richa, Shweta, Gifty, Paul and Mohit — travelled to three different countries i.e. South Africa, Australia and France. Each of them travelled on different days of the week (no two persons travelled on the same day), starting on Monday and ending on Sunday. Minimum two people travelled to each country and South Africa is the only country to which three people travelled. Samir travelled to South Africa on Monday. Paul travelled to Australia but neither on Tuesday nor on Saturday. Mohit travelled on Sunday but not to France. The one who travelled to Australia travelled on Tuesday and the one who travelled to France travelled on Saturday. Gifty travelled on Wednesday. Richa travelled to South Africa but not on Thursday. Nita did not travel to France.

Question 196

If everyone's trip is postponed by one day, who will be travelling on Wednesday?

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Question 197

Who amongst the seven representatives travelled on Saturday ?

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Question 198

Which one of the following combinations is true according to the given information ?

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Question 199

To which country and on which day did Nita travel ?

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Question 200

Who was the last one to travel?

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