RBI Grade B 11 Oct 2009


In these questions, a question is given followed by information in three statements. You have to consider the information in all the three statements and decide the information in which of the Statement(s) is not necessarily required to answer the question and therefore can be dispensed with. Indicate your answer accordingly.

Question 101

How many students from Institute ‘A’ got placement ?
I. Number of students studying in Institutes A and B are in the ratio of 3:4 respectively,
II. Number of students who got placement from Institute B is 120% of the number of students who got placement from Institute A.
III. 80% of the students studying in Institute B got placement.

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Question 102

What is the monthly income of Mr. X?
I. Mr. X spends 85% of his income on various items and remaining amount is saved.
II. Monthly savings of Mr. X are Rs.4,500
III. Out of the total money spent by Mr. X in a month, one- fth is spent on food and remaining
amount of Rs.20, 400 on other items.

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Question 103

What is Suchitra’s present age ?
I. Suchitra’s present age is double the age of her son.
II. Ratio between present ages of Suchitra and her mother is 2 : 3 respectively.
III. Four years hence the ratio between `Suchitra’s age and her son’s age will be 24 : 13 respectively.

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Question 104

What is Neeta’s share in the profit earned at the end of 2 years in a joint business run by Neeta, Seeta and Geeta ?

I. Neeta invested Rs. 85,000 to start the business.
II. Seeta and Geeta joined Neeta’s business after six months investing amounts in the ratio of 3 : 5 respectively.
III. Totat amount invested by Seeta and Geeta is Rs.2.3 lakhs.

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Question 105

What is the labelled price of the article ?
I. Cost price of the article is Rs.500.
II. Selling price after offering 5% discount on the labelled price is Rs. 608.
III. Profit earned would have been 28% if no discount was offered.

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Study the following information carefully to answer these questions : For an examination consisting of three subjects-Maths, Physics and Chemistry, 280 students appeared. When the results were declared, 185 students had passed in Maths, 210 had passed in Physics and 222 had passed in Chemistry.

All those except 5 students who passed in Maths, passed in Physics.
All those except 10 students who passed in Maths, passed in Chemistry.
47 students failed in all the three subjects.
200 students who passed in Physics also passed in Chemistry.

Question 106

How many students passed in Chemistry only ?

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Question 107

How many students passed in all the three subjects ?

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Question 108

How many students failed in Physics and Maths ?

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Question 109

How many students passed in Maths but failed in both Physics and Chemistry ?

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Question 110

A student has to pass in at least two subjects to get promoted. How many students get promoted?

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