IBPS PO 2011


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 141

Interest on savings bank account is now calculated by banks on

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Question 142

The third International Conference of the Trade Unions was organized in June 2011 in

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Question 143

A centralized database with online connectivity to branches, Internet as well as ATM network which has been adopted by almost all major banks of our country is known as

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Question 144

The Govt. of India recently decided to lift the four-years- old ban on export of wheat. What was the reason for the same? (A) India had a bumper crop of wheat during last two years. Hence it has excess stock of wheat. (B) As per the Food Security Act, India is bound to provide 10 million tones of wheat to World food grain stock every year. India defaulted last year. This year it does not want to be one. (C) As advised by the Supreme Court of India, the money received from export should be used to pay subsidy to the farmers.

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Question 145

Which of the following is not considered a money market instrument?

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Question 146

With a view to facilitating payment of balance in the deposit account to the person named by the depositor without any hassles in the event of death of the account holder, the following facility was introduced for bank accounts in our country:

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Question 147

The Govt. of which of the following states has agreed to give captive mines of iron ores to all the companies who are willing to establish plants there?

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Question 148

'Gorkhaland Council', which was recently in news, is a body set up for administration of which of the following Districts?

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Question 149

Banks in our country normally publicise that additional interest rate is allowed on retail domestic term deposits of

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Question 150

Largest shareholder (in percentage shareholding) of a nationalised bank is

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