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Our Glory of Cricket’ club intends to give its membership to a selected few players based on the following criteria The player must be above 16 years and not more than 24 years of age as on 1.2.99. He must pay Rs. 15,000 as entrance fee and Rs. 1,000 as monthly fee throughout his membership period. In case, he pay Rs. 25,000 as additional entrance fee the monthly payment condition is waived. In addition to this he should satisfy at least one of the following conditions :
(I) He has won any one inter-college cricket tournament by leading his college team and has scored at least one century in college level tournaments.
(II) He has scored at least one century and two fifties in interuniversity of inter state tournaments.
(III) He has led his cricket team at college level at least thrice and has taken 10 or more wickets either by bowling or while wicket-keeping or has made aggregate 1000 runs in college level matches.
(IV) He has represented his state in national level matches at least thrice with a remarkable bowling or batting or wicket keeping record.
(V) He has six centuries at his credit in college level matches and is a spin or medium fast bowler having taken at least one wicket per match in college level matches.
Based on the above conditions and the data given in each of the following cases you have to take decision. You are not supposed to assume anything. All the facts are given as on 1.2.99.

Question 71

Atul has represented his college as captain for 3 years and represented his university for two years. He has taken 15 wickets in seven matches as spin bowler. He has two centuries at his credit while playing for his college. His team has won twice and thrice under his leadership in college level and university level matches respectively. His date of birth is 2.1.1976. He is ready to pay Rs. 40,000 as entrance fee.

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Question 72

Anil has been playing for his college, university and state during his 7 years cricket tenure. He started playing for his college in January 92 when he was 17 years old. He was 7 centuries and 5 fifties at his credit aggregating 1600 runs. He led his university and state for two years and 3 years respectively. He has taken 11 wickets as medium fast bowler while playing for his state in national level matches. He is willing to pay requisite entrance fee and monthly fee

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Question 73

Divyen is an exceptionally brilliant wicket-keeper. He has to his credit 22 stumpings and 20 catches while representing his state in national level matches for consecutive 4 years. His first century was while he was leading his college team to win in February 1991 at the age of 16 years. He will be able to pay Rs. 15,000 and monthly dues. Before playing for the state he played many matches for his college.

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Question 74

Sarvesh has a record of having taken two or more wickets at every match played by him for his college. He is a medium fast bowler. He is a good medium fast bowler. He is a good batsman also and has scored three centuries and four fifties while playing interuniversity matches. His college has always won the match under his captaincy during the last 4 years. He has amassed 1200 runs in these matches. He is ready to pay Rs. 40,000/- at entry level. His date of birth is 30.01.76.

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Read the following information and answer the given questions.
(I) Six friends Ramesh, Dinesh, Lokesh, Nilesh, Shailesh and Hitesh work in different companies namely ‘P’, ‘Q’, ’R’, ‘S’, ‘T’, and ‘U’, and each one wears company sponsored different coloured tie, i.e., Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, Purple and Red though not necessarily in the same order.
(II) The one wearing Blue tie works in company ‘S’ and the one wearing Green tie works in company ‘P’.
(III) Hitesh does not work in company ‘R’ or ‘T’.
(IV) Ramesh wears Pink tie and works in company ‘Q’.
(V) Nilesh does not work in company ‘T’ and Purple colour tie is not sponsored by company ‘R’.
(VI) Shailesh works in company ‘U’ and neither Nilesh nor Dinesh works in company ‘S’.
(VII) Company ‘T’ does not sponsor Purple or Yellow coloured tie and Lokesh works in company P.

Question 75

Which colour is sponsored by Company ‘R’ ?

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Question 76

Which of the following “colour of tie-company-person” combinations is correct ?

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Question 77

Which of the following is true ?

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Question 78

Which of the following sequence of companies represents Ramesh, Dinesh, Lokesh, Nilesh, Shailesh and Hitesh in the same order ?

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Study the following information and answer the given questions.
• D is daughter of N. E is wife of N.
• G is sister of D. C is married to G.
• N has no son. K is mother of E.
• Q is only daughter of C.

Question 79

How Q is related to D ?

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Question 80

How N is related to K ?

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