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Which of the phrase given against the sentence should replace the word/phrase given in bold in sentence to make it grammatically correct? If the sentence is given as it is given and no correction is required, mark ‘No correction required’ as the answer.

Question 51

In order to look taller, we should use pencil heels instead block heels.

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Question 52

This move is expected for mitigate the effects of a depleting water by making use of surface or canal water.

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Question 53

Do you know that dressing properly for an interview can earns you those brownie extra points which will help you get that dream job?

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Question 54

The craze for private lands has caught the fancy of the city’s residents.

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Question 55

The trend of wearing boots in something that has most sure come around this season.

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Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given.

Do you ever feel there’s is a greater being inside of you bursting to get out? It is the voice that encourages you to really make something of your life. When you act congruently with that voice, it’s like your are a whole new person. You are bold and courageous. You are strong. You are unstoppable. But, then reality sets in, and soon those moments are history. It is not hard to put youself temporarily into an emotionally motivated state. Just listen to that motivational song for that matter. However, this motivation does not stay forever. Your great ideas seem impractical. How many times have you been temporarily inspired with a idea like, “I want to start my own business.” And then a week later it’s forgotten? You come up with inspiring ideas when you are motivated. But you fail to maintain that motivation through the action phase.

The problem we ask ourselves is, why does this happen? You can listen to hundereds of motivational speakers and experience an emotional yo-yo effect, but it does not fast. The problem is that as we are intellectually guided, we try to find logic in emotional motivation and as we fail to find logic eventually phases out. I used to get frustrated when my emotional motivation fizzled out after a while. Eventually, I realised that being guided by intellect, was not such a bad thing after all. I just had to learn to use my mind as an effective motivational tool. I figured that if I was not feeling motivated to go after a particular goal, may be there was a logical reason for it. I noted that when I had strong intellectual reasons for doing something. I usually did not have trouble taking action.

But when my mind thinks a goal is wrong on some level. I usually feel blocked. I eventually realised that this was my mind’s way of telling me the goal was a mistake to begin with. Sometimes a goal seem to make sense on one level but when you look further upstream, it becomes clear that the goal is ill advised. Suppose you work in sales, and you get a goal to increase your income by 20% by becoming a more effective salesperson. That seems like a reasonable and intelligent goal. But may be you are surprised to find yourself encountering all sorts of internal blocks when you try to pursue it. You should feel motivated, but you just don’t. The problem may be that on a deeper level your mind knows you don’t want to be working in sales at all. You really want to be a musician. Matter how hard you push yourself in sales career, it will always be a motivational dead end.

Further when you set goals, that are too small and too timid, you suffer a perpetual lack of motivation. You just need to summon the courage to acknowledge your true desires. Then you will have to deal with the self-doubt and fear that’s been making you think too small. Ironically, the real key to motivation is to set the goals that scare you. You are letting fears, excuses and limiting beliefs hold you back. Your subconscious mind knows you are strong, so it won’t provide any motivational fuel until. You step up, face your fears, and acknowledge your hearts desire. Once you finally decide to face your tears and drop the excuses, then you will find your motivation turning on full blast.

Question 56

What does the author want to convey when he says, “When you look further upstream, it becomes clear that the goal is ill advised.”?

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Question 57

Which of the following is/are true in the context of the passage?
A. Many a time, although we are motivated at the start, we fail to keep up the motivation while working towards the goal.
B. We can learn to use our mind as a motivational tool.
C. Being guided by intellect is very bad.

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Question 58

According to the passage, the key to motivation is
A. setting challenging goals.
B. not letting our fears pull us back.
C. changing our goals periodically.

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Question 59

Which of the following is most nearly the same in meaning to the word 'timid' as used in the passage?

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Question 60

Which of the following is/are not true about the context of the passage?
A. Although a goal may look intellectual, it may not actually work for us.
B. Our subconscious mind will not motivate us unless we face our fears.
C. The only way to keep yourself motivated throughout is by listening to many motivational speakers.

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