SSC GD 15th Feb 2019 Asked Questions PDF With Answers

SSC GD 15th feb 2019 question paper

SSC GD Exam 15th Feb 2019 Asked Questions Shift- 1, Shift- 2 and Shift- 3:

SSC GD Computer Based exam for the recruitment of 54953 posts is being conducted from 11th Feb 2019 – 11th March 2019. SSC has conducted exam on 15th Feb in all the three shifts. The total duration of the exam is 90 mins. In this blog, we will go through all the questions that are asked in 15th Feb exam from all shifts.

Computer Based Test for SSC GD will be in both English/Hindi languages.

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SSC GD 15th Feb 2019 Exam Analysis and Review:

Subject No. Of Questions Difficulty Level
General Intelligence and
25 Moderate
General Knowledge 25 Easy to Moderate
Mathematics 25 Easy
English/Hindi 25 Easy
Total 100 Easy to Moderate


  • Candidates who have appeared for the exam has claimed that the question paper was easy to moderate level.
  • There is no negative marking in the exam.
  • The level of Maths section was easy.
  • Candidates have to choose Section – IV from English/Hindi languages.

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SSC GD 15th Feb 2019 Asked Questions:

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Download SSC GD 15th Feb 2019 Asked Questions PDF

Question 1: Who was the Chief Guest on Republic Day 2019 ?

Question 2: Who is winner of Women Badminton Championship 2018?

Question 3: Which Sangeet is popular in Maharashtra ?

Question 4: Where is Tomb of Sher Shah Suri Located

Question 5: Ayushman Bharat Yojana is related to which ?

Question 6: Which Capital of Indian State is famous for Cotton Clothes ?

Question 7: Who built the Sanchi Ka Stup?

Question 8: Name the temple of Pakistan which is approved by Government of Pakistan ?

Question 9: Lima is the capital of which country ?

Question 10: Name the space-shuttle in which Kalpana Chawla died ?

Question 11: Which country will host the 33rd Olympics ?

Question 12: Which film has achieved the 90th Oscar Award ?

Question 13: The Birthplace of Kalpana Chawla ?

Question 14: How many days does the moon take to complete the revolution around Earth?

Question 15: Chambal river flows through which Indian State?

Question 16: In which schedule is the language kept?

Question 17: Mahatma Buddha gave the first sermon at?

Question 18: By using salt in water, the water volume increases or decreases?

Question 19: Moti Masjid is built by ?

Question 20: Festival of West Bengal ?

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Question 21: Rowlatt Act is passed in which year ?

Question 22: Highest quantity of Bauxite is found in which state of India ?

Question 23: Which crops are grown from June – July ?

Question 24: Who is called an angel of liberalization of the Indian economy?

Question 25: Use of Zinc Sulfate ?

Question 26: Highest Mountain of South India ?

Question 27: Which Sultan of Delhi imposed the jizya tax?

Question 28: Chief of Army Staff of India

Question 29: Where is Longest Road Bridge(India) is built ?

Question 30: Name the Engine less Train of India?

Question 31: Which posting has been added by 73th Constitutional amendment?

Question 32: Sign of Indian Communist Party ?

Question 33: Which gas is used in LPG ?

Question 34: Who had won Man Booker Prize 2018 ?

Question 35: Founder of Swaraj party ?

Question 36: When was Our Constitution Accepted/approved?

Question 37: Who Has Given The Jnanpith Award Of 2017?

Question 38: Which Indian President Died While serving in he Post?

Question 39: Mount Of Prayag?

Question 40: Who Is Known by The Name Of Deshbandhu?

Question 41: World Tsunami Awareness Day

Question 42: Who Is The Naval President Of India

Question 43: Earth Day is observed on:

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Question 44: What is the Green Color in the Fireworks?

Question 45: Which Mirror is used in Solar cooker?

Question 46: Which Water Bodies separates the two countries?

Question 47: Who is the architect of ‘Statue of Unity’?

Question 48: Capital of Maurya Empire

Question 49: State of the largest producer of bauxite

Question 50: The author of the book ‘Exam Warriors’

Question 51: Who is known by the name of Metro Man of India?

Question 52: In 2019 Padma Shri awards were given to which players?

Question 53: Governor of Bengal during the partition of Bengal

Question 54: Who won the title of the single male title of the US Open Grand Slam Tennis at 2018

Question 55: Mascot of Asian Paralympic Games

Question 56: FIFA Player of the Year

Question 57: Pandavani folk dance is the folk dance of which state

Question 58: What was added in the 73rd Constitution Amendment

Question 59: Sign of the Communist Party of India

Question 60: Golden Quadrilateral which cities connect

Question 61: Who won the Booker Award for the year 2018 ?

Question 62: Who spreads AIDS sickness?

Question 63: Who founded the Swaraj Party

Question 64: Air Diseases

Question 65: Who won the Indonesia Open of 2018

Question 66: What is the main part of the temple

Question 67: Where is the fair of Kumbh Mela

Question 68: Regarding Mandal Committee

Question 69: Neptale is the polymer of which

Question 70: What is the elderly Ganges

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SSC GD 15 FEB 2019 Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer: South African President Cyril Ramaphosa

2) Answer: P. V. Sindhu

3) Answer: Natya Sangeet or Sangeet Natak

4) Answer: Bihar

5) Answer: Health

6) Answer: Mumbai

7) Answer: Ashoka

8) Answer: Panj Teerath

9) Answer: Peru

10) Answer: Space Shuttle Columbia disaster

11) Answer: France

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12) Answer: The Shape of Water

13) Answer: Karnal, Haryana

14) Answer: 27.32 days

15) Answer: Rajasthan

16) Answer: 8th Schedule

17) Answer: Sarnath

18) Answer: Decreases

19) Answer: Shah Jahan. It is located in Agra. It is also known as pearl Mosque.


20) Answer: Durga Puja, held in September-October, is the biggest and most important festival of West Bengal.

21) Answer: 1919 , it is passed by Imperial legislative Council.

22) Answer: Odisha, produces more than half of the total production of India.

23) Answer: Rice, Jowar, Bajra, Maize, Cotton, Groundnut, Jute.

24) Answer: P. V.Narasimha Rao

25) Answer: Zinc sulfate is used medically as a dietary supplement.

26) Answer: Anamudi

27) Answer: Firoz Shah Tughlaq

28) Answer: President

29) Answer: Bogibeel bridge

30) Answer: Train-18

31) Answer: 11th

32) Answer: Hammer

33) Answer: Butane and Propane

34) Answer: Irish author, Anna Burns

35) Answer: Deshbandhu , Gulal Chittaranjan Das & Moti Lal Nehru

36) Answer: 26 January 1949

37) Answer: Litterateur Krishna Sobti

38) Answer: Dr. Zakir Hussain

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39) Answer: Shell

40) Answer: Chittaranjan Das

41) Answer: November 5

42) Answer: Admiral Sunil Lamba

43) Answer: April 22

44) Answer: Barium

45) Answer: Concave Mirror

46) Answer: India and Sri Lanka

47) Answer: Ram Sutar

48) Answer: Pataliputra

49) Answer: in Jharkhand

50) Answer: Narendra Modi

51) Answer: E. Sreedharan

52) Answer: Sunil Chhetri, Harika, Gautam Gambhir, Sarat Kamal, Bombayla Devi , Bajrang Punia, Ajay Thakur

53) Answer: Lord Curzon

54) Answer: Novak Djokovic

55) Answer: ‘Momo’ (Bondol Eagle)

56) Answer: Luca Modric

57) Answer: Chhattisgarh

58) Answer: ninth Schedule

59) Answer: Hansia and Hammer

60) Answer: Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai

61) Answer: Anna Burns

62) Answer: viruses

63) Answer: Motilal Nehru and Chittaranjan Das

64) Answer: Infection

65) Answer: Kento Momota (Japan)

66) Answer: the embryo planet

67) Answer: Haridwar, Prayagraj, Nasik and Ujjain

68) Answer: Reservation of Backward Classes

69) Answer: rubber

70) Answer: Godavari

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