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Venn Diagrams Reasoning
Syllogisms Reasoning
4 - Statement Syllogisms Reasoning
Symbols for Mathematical operators Reasoning
Alphabetical Series Reasoning
Odd one out Reasoning
Coding and Decoding Reasoning
Sentence Coding Reasoning
Conditional coding Reasoning
Input Output Machine Reasoning
Einstein's Puzzle Reasoning
Directions Reasoning
Blood Relations Reasoning
Coded Blood Relations Reasoning
CR- Drawing Inferences Reasoning
Identifying Assumptions Reasoning
Flaw in Argument - CR Reasoning
Seating Arrangement Reasoning
Seating arrangement with different directions Reasoning
Circular Arrangements Reasoning
Figures Reasoning
Missing number in Figure or Grid Reasoning
Analogies Reasoning
Queues Reasoning
Coded Inequalities Reasoning
Inequalities based Statements and Conclusions Reasoning
Odd One Out Reasoning
Decision Making Reasoning
Meaningful Words Reasoning
Five Number Set Reasoning
Reading Comprehension English
CR-weak and strong arguments English
RC based Synonyms English
RC-Inferences About The Author English
Para Jumbles English
PJ Identifying links through transition words English
PJ-Starting Ending Lines English
Para completion English
Cloze Test English
Solving Cloze test using Grammar English
Subject-Verb Agreement English
Grammar 2: Tenses English
Phrasal verbs English
Idioms and Phrases English
Common Grammar Mistakes English
Commonly Confused Words English
Articles English
Tense Consistency English
Homonyms English
Data Sufficiency Quant
Data Sufficiency based on 2 linear equations Quant
Data Interpretation Basics Quant
Bar graph and Line graph Quant
Pie Charts Quant
DI based on tables Quant
Geometry Basics Quant
Parallel Lines and Angles Quant
Surface Areas and Volumes for Solids Quant
Properties of Circles Quant
Congruency and Similarity of triangles Quant
Heights and Distances Quant
Triangles Quant
Ratio and Proportion Quant
Alligation and Mixtures Quant
Relative ages Quant
Ratio and Proportion Advanced Quant
Fast Comparison of Ratios Quant
Investments and Partnerships Quant
Profit and Loss Quant
Profit and loss Advanced Quant
Basics of Permutations and Combinations Quant
Probability Quant
Arrangements and rank of a word Quant
Partitioning Quant
Probability - Deck of Cards Quant
Arithmetic and Geometric Progression Quant
Number Series Quant
Number Series- Exponentiation Quant
Number Series- Incorrect Term Quant
Arithmetic Ability and BEDMAS Rule Quant
Fast arithmetic calculation Quant
Quadratic Equations Quant
Approximation Techniques Quant
Divisibility Rules Quant
Averages Quant
Percentages Quant
Time Speed Distance Basics Quant
Relative speed Quant
Unitary Method Quant
Trains Quant
Boats and Streams Quant
Pipes and Cisterns Quant
Circular Tracks Quant
Simple and Compound Interest Quant
Interest Advanced Quant
Linear Equations Basics Quant
Linear equations in 3 variables Quant
Special linear equations Quant

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