TS SI Mains 2018 General Awareness


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

Match the following positions with the persons now holding them (as in March 2019) :

Choose the correct answer :

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Question 2

Read the pairs about kalamsat-V2:
a) Kalamsat-V2 satellite: worlds lightest satellite
b) Weight of the satellite: 2.6 kgs
c) Satellite wa built by: student space kids of india
Choose the correct pairs:

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Question 3

The National Bench of the Goods and Services Tax Appellate Tribunal (GSTAT), which was created by the Union Cabinet, is a:
a. Forum offirst appeal in GST laws.
b. Common forum of dispute resolution between the centre and states.
Choose the correct answer :

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Question 4

The $$13^{th}$$ conference of parties(cop) of the covention of migratary spices(CMS) of the wild animals is scheduled to be hosted in febraury 2020 in:

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Question 5

Under which section of income tax ACT, linking of Pan with adhar is mandatary for filing income tax returns?

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Question 6

Lokpal search committee, which was constituted by the governmentofIndia in September, 2018 is headed by :

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Question 7

who among the following members quit the national statistical commission(NSC) in January 2019
a. Amitabh kant
b. J.v Meenakshi
c. P.c Mohanan
d. Paravin srivatsava
The correct answer is

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Question 8

In the 2019 International Intellectual property Index released by us chambers of commerce out of 50 countries India was ranked at

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Question 9

Arrange the following four major grand slam tennis tournaments in the chronological order as per the tennis calendar :
a. The Wimbledon Tennis Tournament
b. The United States Open Tennis Tournament
c. The Roland Garros Tennis Tournament
d. The Australian Open Tennis Tournament

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Question 10

Which of the following Icc cricket awards( for men) were received by viratkohli for the year 2018?
a: T20I perfomance of the year,2018
b: ICC ODI player of the year,2018
c: ICC Men's tests player of the year 2018
d: Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy for ICC cricket of the year, 2018
Choose the correct answer

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