SBI PO 2011


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 51

A major Public Sector raised interest rates on loans by 25 basis points--- was news in some major financial newspapers recently. This means bank has raised interest by 25 basis points of----

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Question 52

The Finance Minister of India is one of his press conference said that inflationary pressure is likely to continue following recent increase in rates of some commodities in international markets. Which of the following commodities was he referring to as it gets frequent increase at international levels and disturbs our Home Economy substantially?

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Question 53

Immediately prior to change in the measure of Food Inflation, which of the following indexes was being used for measuring it.

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Question 54

What is the full form of ‘FINO’ a term we see frequently in financial newspaper?

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Question 55

Which of the following is/are commodity/lies on which subsidy is given to farmers/poor in India?
A. Fertilizer B. Kerosene

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Question 56

‘Bhagyam Oilfields’ which were recently in news are located in which of the following states in India?

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Question 57

The Finance Minister of India recently decided to review the position of ‘Bad Debts’ in priority sector. Which of the following is/are the reason (s) owing to which FM took this decision?
A. Bad Debt in agriculture is still rising substantially every year despite special treatment to it.
B. Bad Debt in other areas of priority sector is almost nil now.
C. Govt. is planning to disburse another instalment of Rs. 1,60,000 crore which will bring ‘Bad Debts’ almost at ‘Nil level’ and no special treatment will be needed in next fiscal year.

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Question 58

Which among the following countries is NOT a member of the TAPI pipeline project, which was in news recently?

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Question 59

An agreement on Arms Reduction popularly known as ‘START’ is one of the major issues in the way of smooth relations between which of the following two countries?

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Question 60

The International WWW Conference - 2011 was organized in which of the following places in March 2011?

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