SBI PO 2018


Study the following information and answer the given questions.
Seven people, namely C, D, E, F, G, H and I like different cities namely, Surat, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai, Ranchi, Delhi and Pune. Each of them studies in either of three schools viz. DAS, RIS and VCS with atleast two of them in a school. (Note : None of the information given is necessarily in the same order.) F studies with the one who likes Bangalore in RIS. The one who likes Delhi studies only with H. H does not like Bangalore. C studies with those who like Surat and Pune. C does not study with F. E studies only with the one who likes Mumbai. The one who likes Mumbai does not study with the one who likes Delhi. More than one person studies with D. D does not like Pune. Both I and the one who likes Ranchi study in the same school but not in DAS. H does not like Ranchi. –

Question 61

Four of the following five arealike in a certain way as per the given arrangementand hence form a group. Which of the tollowing does not belong to that group

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Question 62

Who amongst the following likes Kolkata ?

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Question 63

Which of the following combinations represents the combination of people studying in VCS ?

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In each question below is given a group of letters followed by four combinations of digits/symbols numbered a:, b:, c: and d:. You have to find out which of the combinations correctly represents the group of letters based on the following coding system and the conditions that follow arid mark the number of that combination as your answer. If none of the combinations correctly repreients the group of letters, marks e: i.e. ‘None of these’ as your answer. Conditions

(i) If1the first letter is a vowel and the last letter is a consonant both are to be coded as *.
(ii) If the first letter Is a consonant and the last letter is a vowel their codes are to be interchanged.
(iii) If both the first and the last letters are vowels both are to be coded as the first letter.

Question 64


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Question 65


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Question 66


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Study the following information carefully to answer these questions. 

Seven students Ashwin, Devika, Baljit, Chandrakant, Urmila, Nagesh and Pranjali have taken admissions for MBA with specialization in HR or Finance or Marketing. Each one has got admission in different institutes M, J, K, L, R, T, F not necessarily in the same order. At least two have opted for each of the specializations.
Devika has opted for Marketing but not in Institute J or T. Chandra-kant has taken admission for HR in Institute K. The one who studies in Institute F does not study Finance. Nagesh studies the same specialization as that of Devika in Institute R. Ashwin does not study in Institute L or T. Baljit studies HR in Institute J. Franjali studies in Institute F and does not study marketing.

Question 67

Which of the following combinations of institute and speciallization is true for Urmila ?

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Question 68

Devika studies in which institute ?

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Question 69

Which of the following groups represents the students studying HR ?

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Question 70

Which of the following combinations of institute, student and specialization is correct ?

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