SBI PO 9 July 2016


Study the following information and answer the given questions. S is the mother of D. K is the brother of D. K is the only son of M. M is the son of U. U is the husband of T. T is the mother of Y.

Question 1

If D is married to X, then how is X related to M ?

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Question 2

How is T related to K ?

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Question 3

How is S related to Y ?

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In these questions, relationship between different elements is shown in the statements. The statements are followed by conclusions. Study the conclusions based on the given statements and select the appropriate answer.

Give answer :
a: Both conclusions I and II are true
b: Only conclusion I is true
c: Neither conclusion I nor II is true
d: Only conclusion II is true
e: Either conclusion II or conclusion is true

Question 4

Statements : R>S=T ≥U; S ≥ A >V
I. A < R
II. V ≤U

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Question 5

Statements : B> E ≥ A ≥ T = H ≤ I ≤ M
Conclusions :
I. H ≤ E
II. B >T

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Question 6

Statements : $$S<M<I<T; R \geq J > I$$
Conclusions :
I. $$R = S$$
II. $$S < R$$

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Question 7

Statements : B>E≥A≥T=H

Conclusions :
I. E>T

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Question 8

Statements : D ≤ O ≤ L > C ≥ E
Conclusions :
I. O < E
II. L ≥ D

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Read the following information and answer the given questions. 

Vansh starts walking from Point E and walks 25m towards the north. He then takes a right turn and walks for 15m. He makes a left turn and stops at Point M after walking for 20m.
Point K is 30m to the west of Point M.
Point K is 45m to the north of Point J.
Point J is 10m to the east of Point L.

Question 9

How far and in which direction is Point E with respect to Point L ?

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Question 10

If Neha is standing at Point D which is 20m to the north of Point L, in which direction will she have to walk in order to reach Point M ?

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