SBI PO 2008


In each question below are four statements followed by four conclusions numbered I,II,III and IV You have to take the four given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance with commonly known facts and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the four given statements disregarding commonly known facts. Then decide which of the answer and indicate it on a),b),c),d) and e) is the correct answer and indicate it on the answersheet

Question 11

Statements:All stones are pearls.Some pearls are shells
Some shells are boxes. No box is container
Conclusions:I.Some stones are shells
II. No pearl is container
III.No shell is container
IV.Some pearls are containers

Question 12

Statements:Some schools are colleges
Some colleges are hostels
No hostel is office
All offices are institutes
Conclusions:I.No hostel is institute
II.Some hostels are schools
III.Some hostels are institutes
IV.Some officers are college

Question 13

Statements:Some pins are hammers
Some threads are needles
All needles are nails
All nails are hammers
Conclusions:I.Some pins are hammers
II.Some threads are nails
III.Some pins are threads
IV.No pin is thread

Question 14

Statement:Some chairs are rooms.
No room is sofa
All sofas are tables
Some tables are desks
Conclusions:I.Some sofas are desks
II.No room is table
III.Some chairs are tables
IV.No desk is room

Question 15

Statements:Some rings are chains
All chains are bangles
All bracelets are bangles
Some bangles are pendants
Conclusions:I.Some rings are bangles
II.Some chains are pendants
III.Some bracelets are rings
IV.No pendant is ring


Study the following information carefully to answer these questions A,B,C,D,E,F,G and H are sitting around a circle facing the center F is third to the right of C and second to the left of H.D is not an immediate neighbour of C or H. E is on the immediate right of A who is second to the right of G.

Question 16

Who sits between G and D ?

Question 17

Which of the following is the correct position of B with respect to H ?
I.Second to the right
II.Fourth to the right
III.Fourth to the left
IV.Second to the left

Question 18

Who is the second to the left of C ?

Question 19

Which of the following pairs of persons has first person sitting to the right of the second person ?

Question 20

Who is on the immediate right of C ?

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