SBI PO 2007


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 161

As per the economic survey presented in the Lok Sabha recently what has been the average growth of GDP?

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Question 162

Which of the following countries has recently got entry in the top 20 Wealth Markets of the World? (It is placed at 20th rank)

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Question 163

In one of his speeches the Finance Minister of India quoted a famous statement of one of our great leaders of yesteryears. The quote is---’’Everything else can wait but not agriculture’’. The statement is taken from the speeches/writings of---

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Question 164

The Government of India has recently appointed a committee to review Forward Trading of Agro-products. Who amongst the following is the Chairman of the Committee ?

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Question 165

As a rough estimate the farm sector provides livelihood to how many families in India ? Approximately---

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Question 166

Economic distress of small farmers is a cause of great concern in almost all sectors in the country. Which of the following, as stated in the economic survey presented recently has been single most important cause of economic distress of small farmers over the years ?

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Question 167

The government of India is planning to bring how much more land under irrigation ? About---

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Question 168

General Assembly elections took place in Punjab recently. Who amongst the following was the Chief Minister there immediately prior to the elections?

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Question 169

The Government of India is planning to develop which of the following cities as a ‘Hub for Global Financial Services’?

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Question 170

The Government of India has recently decided to halt the Future Trading of which of the following commodities for the time being ?

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