SBI PO 2005


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 201

The term ‘Multiplexing’ as used in the area of Computer/IT means

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Question 202

The term Binary means

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Question 203

Mrs. Sushma Chawla’s name was in news recently as she has taken over as the chairperson of

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Question 204

Taina Sachdev’s name is associated with which of the following games/sports ?

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Question 205

The Government of India has decided to remove the cap on voting rights for foreign investors in Indian private banks. As of now the voting rights of foreign investors were limited to

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Question 206

Which of the following expenditures is now exempted from the Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) introduced recently ?

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Question 207

Which is the most common method being used by Indian banks for sending funds quickly from one city to another ?

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Question 208

Bio-metric Recognition does not include

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Question 209

The Government of India has constituted a task force to prepare a long term development plan for which of the following states with Dr. C. Rangarajan as its Chairman ?

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Question 210

Which of the following is/are the purpose(s) owing to which of Committee known as Trade and Economic Relation Committee (TERC) is constituted by the Government of India ?
I. To finalise details and carry out preparation ahead of foreign visits of the Union Ministers.
II. It will serve as a Think Tank-cum-Imple-mentation Agency for various agreements/pacts with other nations.
III. It is an agency to establish better relations between the Union and the State Govt. and also amongst the various states.

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