SBI 2004 PO


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 161

Networking using fibre opticable is done as---

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Question 162

The UPA-led Union Government is very keen to provide a boost to the Agriculture sector. What at present is the contribution of this sector in the total GDP?

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Question 163

India corporates and partnership firms are now allowed to invest overseas upto 100 per cent of their network. How this decision of the policy makers will help Indian corporates and partnership firms?[pick up the correct statement(s)]
A. It will help them in making their presence felt in global market.
B. It will attract foreign companies to invest more in India as Indian are allowed to invest only in those companies who are already functioning in India and not in new ones.
C. It is an act of balancing the foreign exchange reserves of India which are swelling very fast.

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Question 164

Which of the following statement(s) is/are true about the Union Budget 2004-05 passed recently?
A. Tax rebate for those earning upto Rs. 1,11,200/- so that their take home income comes to Rs 1 lakh after the tax .
B. Tax on airlines leasing aircraft from abroad valid on deals signed after April 1,2005.
C. Chartered Accountants and tax professionals are held responsible for sny falsification of account books irrespective, of its impact on tax evasion.

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Question 165

Conference (netscape) Net-meeting (internet explorer) enables (choose the option that best describes)--

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Question 166

Malnutrition makes the people less intelligent and less productive, Several programmes, schemes are launched to beat the hunger and/or malnutrition worldwide. Which of the following programmes can not be considered as one such programme?
A. To encourage exclusive breast feeding
B. Mid-day meals in schools
C. Food for work programme
D. Providing extra dose of polio drops

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Question 167

Arithmetic Logic Unit and control sections have special purpose locations called--

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Question 168

What is the function of a modem?

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Question 169

Which of the following statement(s) is/are true about the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA), which was in news recently ?
A: Some long standing members reduced their tariffs on one another’s goods
B: AFTA has integrated four new members Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam
C: Scope is now widened as new investment opportunities are also being explored
D: AFTA is signing a collective free trade agreement with India, China and Japan

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Question 170

The green revolution of the 1950s and 70s filled millions of Asian bellies, but has been much less, successful in Africa. ‘’Which of the following may be called the probable reason(s) for the failure of such a wonderful programme in Africa ?
A. High-yielding varieties of rice and wheat were not planted there widely.
B. Africa is a water stressed area, where as green revolution was for the countries full of water.
C. People who were engaged in agricultural activities were not owners of the land they were tilling.
D. African economy is not based on agriculture.

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