SBI PO 2003


In each questions below is given a statement followed by two courses of action numbered I and II. A course of action is a step or administrative decision to be taken for improvement, follow-up or further action in regard to the problem, policy, etc. On the basis of the information given in the statement, you have to assume everything in the statement to be true, then decide which of the suggested courses of action logically follow(s) for pursuing.

Question 1

Statement: There has been significant drop in the water level of all the lakes supplying water to the city.
Courses of action:
I. The water supply authority should impose a partial cut in supply to tackle the situation.
II. The government should appeal to the all resident through mass media for minimal use of water.

Question 2

Statement: A very large number of students have failed in the final high school examination due to faulty questions in one of the subjects.
Courses of action:
I. All the students who have failed in that subject should be allowed to take supplementary examination.
II. All those who are responsible for the error should be suspended and an enquiry should be initiated to find out the facts

Question 3

Statements: The prices of foodgrains and vegetables have substantially increased due to prolonged strike call given by the truck owners association.
Courses of action:
I. The government should immediately make alternative arrangement to ensure adequate supply of foodgrains and vegetables in the market.
II. The government should take steps to cancel the licenses of all the vehicles belonging to the association.

Question 4

Statement: A large number of people visiting India from country ‘X’ has been tested positive for carrying viruses of a killer disease.
Courses of action:
I. The government of India should immediately put a complete ban on people coming to India from country ‘X’ including those Indians who are settled in country ‘X’.
II. The government of India should immediately set up detection centres at all its airports and seaports to identify and quarantine those who are tested positive.

Question 5

Statement: There has been an unprecedented increase in the number of requests for berths in most of the long distance trains during the current holiday season.
Courses of action:
I. The railway authority should immediately increase the capacity in each of these trains by attaching additional coaches.
II. The people seeking accommodation should be advised to make their travel plan after the holiday.


Below is given a passage followed by several possible inferences which can be drawn from the facts started in the passage. You have to examine each inference separately in the context of the passage and decide upon its degree of truth or falsity.

From the beginning of the new year, the good news continues on the economic front. Following on the heels of encouraging GDP growth figures for the second quarter, we now have happy tidings on the trade front as well. Now 2002 saw the country’s export record a healthy 16% increase compared to the corresponding period last year. With this, the growth rate in exports for the first eight months of the current fiscal now stands at a robust 16%. Of course part of the reason for this apparently encouraging performance is because of the base effect---exports actually fell 0.8% during 2000-01. But that is only part of the reason. For the rest, recovery is global trade and to give credit where it is due, concerted efforts by exporters have played no small role.

Question 6

The percentage growth in exports during 2002-03 was mainly due to the decreased volume of exports during 2001-02.

Question 7

The efforts put in by the Indian exporters were comparatively less than their counterparts in developed countries.

Question 8

There has been substantial increase in the extent of trade all over the world during the last financial year.

Question 9

During 2001-02, the quantum of country’s exports’ was about three-fourth of that in 2002-03.

Question 10

There has been consistent drop in quantum of exports during last three years.

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