SBI Clerk ES 22-11-2009


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

Which of the following nations is found at the top of the World’s Green Index” compiled by various global agencies jointly ?

Question 2

Which of the following agencies has estimated that by the year 2015 about a quarter of India’s population will be living in extreme poverty ?

Question 3

As per the reports of the survey conducted by various agencies jointly which of the following countries is adjudged as the “Most Favoured Nation” for back office support to the world’s major multinationals ?

Question 4

The ‘H1N1’ virus is responsible for the outbreak of which of the following in the world ?

Question 5

The present Lok Sabha is formed after the _____

Question 6

The Govt. of India announced a special relief package of several thousand crores of rupees for which of the following sections of our society ?

Question 7

As per the newspaper reports India is the the process of purchasing some “mid-air refuellers” from a global supplier.These mid-air refuellers are being procured for which of the following establishment ?

Question 8

As per the reports published in various newspaper the number of India’s wireless subscribers has become about 400 million. Which of the following agencies as a regulator has published this data ?

Question 9

The President of India in her first speech in the joint session of the current parliament had said that every family living below poverty line would get 25 kgs.of wheat/rice per month at @ Rs 3 per kg.To achieve this she recommended enacting of which of the following Acts ?

Question 10

Late Y.S Rajasekhar Reddy who passed away a few months back was holding which of the following positions ?

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