SBI Clerk 29 May 2016


Study the given information carefully to answer the given questions.
Marcus, who is standing at Point D, walks 11m towards south and reaches Point E. He then takes a left turn and walks 7m. He then takes a left turn, walks 5 m and reaches Point F. Point R is 18m to the east of Point F. Point S is 6m to the north of Point R.

Question 91

In which direction is Point R with respect to Point D ?

Question 92

How far and in which direction is Point S with respect to Point D ?


Study the following information and answer the given questions.
S is the father of R. R is the only son of U. U is the daughter of J. J has only two children. K is the son of J.

Question 93

If X is the granddaughter of J, then how is U related to X ?

Question 94

How is S related to K ?

Question 95

How is R related to J ?


The following questions are based on the given 3-digit numbers.
821 547 452 935 368

Question 96

The product of the second and the third digit in which of the following numbers is the second highest?

Question 97

The difference of the first and the second digits in how many of the given numbers is greater than the third digit of the same number ?

Question 98

If all the digits of the given numbers are arranged in ascending order within the numbers, what will be the sum of the second and third digits of the second highest number thus formed ?

Question 99

If the first digit and the third digit of all the given numbers are interchanged, which of the following will become the second lowest number after performing the said operation ?

Question 100

If '2' is added to the second digit of all even numbers and '3' is subtracted from the first digit of all odd numbers, in how many numbers thus formed will a digit appear twice ?

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