SBI Clerk 15 Feb 2015


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

‘Jim Corbett National Park’ is the oldest National Park In India. It is situated in the Indian state of

Question 2

An independent authority appointed by the RBI for resolution of complaints against deficiency in banking services is known as……………….

Question 3

The capital of ‘Kingdom of Denmark’ is

Question 4

In a bank’s balance sheet which of the following is an asset ?

Question 5

The United Nations Children Funds (UNICEF) is a united nations program that provides humanitarian and development assistance to children and mothers in developing countries. Its headquarters in…………….

Question 6

The book ‘odyssey of my life’ is the autobiography of………….

Question 7

Union HRD Minister Shrimati Smriti Irani laid the foundation stone of ‘Indian Institute of Management’ inthe state of Andhra Pradesh. The Institute is being set up in

Question 8

Space Probe Beagle 2 has been found on the surface of Mars, 11 years after it was thought that it was lost on Mars. It was originally launched in 2003 by………………….

Question 9

In order to raise awareness, conserve and use water resources in an integrated manpower, the Government of India observed “India Water Week” in the month of

Question 10

The Men’s final of 10th Savio Cup All India Basketball Tournament has recently been won by

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