SBI Clerk 2 shift 13 July 2008


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

Federal Reserve is the financial organisation of the —

Question 2

Almost all the major banks which allow Non-Resident Indian Accounts or NonResident Ordinary Accounts offer lower tax rate to those customers who give a proof that they are from a region that has a DTAA with India. What is the full from of DTAA ?

Question 3

As per the figures published in newspapers the growth of deposits in public sector Banks during the last five years was not very impressive as compared to that of private banks. What was the compounded annual growth rate of PSBs during the period men-tonal above ? About -

Question 4

As per the Government Notifications/Advertisements given in various newspapers the wheat procurement this year was of a record of 210 lakh MTs. Which of the following was/ were the contributory factors in such a record making procurement ?
(A) Minimum support price was kept as Rs. 1, 500 per quintal.
(B) Wheat was also procured from non-traditional state like Gujrat and maharashtra
(C) State Governments were also involved actively in the scheme.

Question 5

Santosh Trophy is associated with the game of —

Question 6

Aung San Suu Kyi whose name was in newspapers recently is from which of the following countries ?

Question 7

Very often we read in newspapers that some sports persons have to go for a Dope Test after their performance in the field. Why Dope test is conducted ?
(A) To know the general health of the sports person
(B) To know to sugar level in their blood
(C) To detect whether they have taken any performance enhancing drugs.

Question 8

As per the newspaper reports some economically developed states only hold about 60% of the total ‘Demat Accounts’ in India. A Demat Account is -

Question 9

Sydney Pollack who died recently was a well known personality in the field of -

Question 10

As per the news recently published in the leading newspapers the King of which of the following countries has to leave to give way to new Democratic Type of Government in the country ?

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