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In each of the question below are given three statement followed by two conclusions numbered I and II. You have to take the given statements to

be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the statements

disregarding commonly known facts.

Question 171


All petals are flowers.

some flowers are not petals.

some petals are colours.


I. Some flowers are colours.

II. Some flowers are not colours.

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Question 172


All desks are tables.

Some tables are drawers.

Some drawers are big.


I. Some tables are big.

II. No desk is adrawer.

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Question 173


All colleges are buildings.

All buildings are concrete

Some concrete are strong

Conclusions :

I. Some colleges are strong.

II. At least some strong are concrete.

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Question 174

Statements :

Some trees are tall.

All tall are healthy.

All healthy are not tall.

Conclusion :

I. Some healthy are tall

II . Some trees are not tall

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Question 175

Statements :

All books are interesting.

All magazines are books.

Some interesting that are not books are journals.

Conclusions :

I. All books are journals.

II. All magazines are interesting.

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Read the following information carefully and answer the questions which follow-
If 'A $$\bigstar$$Z' means 'A is the wife of Z'

If 'A $$\times$$Z' means 'A is the husband of Z'

If 'A+Z' means 'A is the sister of Z'

If 'A¬Z' means 'A is the brother of Z'

If 'A$$\geq$$Z' ' means 'A is the son of Z'

If 'A$$\leq$$Z' ' means 'A is the daughter of Z'

Question 176

Which of the following relations will not be true if the expression $$'A\leq P \times T + F \geq L \times M'$$

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Question 177

Which of the following means N is the dughter¬in¬law of A ?

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Question 178

How is p related to F if ' $$Q \times P\leq B + F $$ ?

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Question 179

Which of the following means P is the father of R ?

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Question 180

How is M related to B if A $$ \bigstar B\geq Z \times S + M ' ? $$

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