RRB NTPC 27 April 2016 - Shift 2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 91

There are 3 numbers. The $$2^{nd}$$ number is 3 times the $$1^{st}$$. The $$3^{rd}$$ is twice the $$2^{nd}$$. If their average is 70, find the smallest of the 3 numbers.

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Question 92

The maximum interval between two sessions of state assembly can be

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Question 93

If A means '$$-$$', C means '$$+$$', B means '$$\div$$', E means '$$\times$$' then the value of
6 C 78 B 3 A 4 E 6 = ?

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Question 94

The distance between the Sun and Earth is estimated to be

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Question 95

Which of the following is not true in regard to exchange rate of Indian Rupee?

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Question 96

The age difference between M and R is the same as that between P and M. M is elder to P but younger to R If the sum of the ages of R and P is 66, how old is M?

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Question 97

Rearrange the jumbled letters to make a meaningful word and then select the one which is different.

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Question 98

Which one of the following names is associated with golf?

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Question 99

A man starts walking at 6.30a.m. and wants to cover a distance of 30km. His initial speed is 6 kmph and after covering three-fifth distance, he reduces his speed by 2 kmph. At what time will he complete his walk?

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Question 100

Rajaji National Park is in

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