RRB NTPC 18 April 2016 Shift 1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 11

For real a, b and c if $$a^2  + b^2 + c^2$$ = ab + bc + ca, then find the value of $$(a + b + c)^2$$

Question 12

MATHEMATICS is related to NUMBERS in the same way HISTORY is related to

Question 13

In which year was Facebook started?

Question 14

What is the chemical formula of Ozone?

Question 15

An Assertion (A) and a Reason (R) are given below.
Assertion (A): Earthworms are not good for agriculture.
Reason (R): Earthworms break down the soil into fine particles and make it soft.
Choose the correct option.

Question 16

What is the sound made by seal called?

Question 17

Based on the analogy given, find the missing number from the given options.
7528 : 5362 : : 4673: ?

Question 18

If STUDENT is coded as 103, what is the code for SCHOOL?

Question 19

If 'P' means 'divided by', 'T' means 'add' 'M' means 'subtract' and 'D' means 'multiplied by', then what will be the value of the following expression?

12 M 12 D 28 P 7 T 15

Question 20

Who was the dentist who killed Cecil-the Lion in 2015?

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