RRB NTPC 18 April 2016 Shift 1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 91

Based on the analogy given, find the missing pair from the given options.
32 : 13 : : -----: ------

Question 92

Find the LCM of 3.2, 2.72, 1.28 and 1.44

Question 93

Which of the following is called 'The queen of Arabian sea'?

Question 94

What is the name of the castle that was built in honour of world renowned composer Richard Wagner?

Question 95

Select the correct set of symbols which will fit in the given equation?
5 0 3 5 = 20

Question 96

Evaporation of water from leaves of a plant is called

Question 97

How do you know Yarlung Tsangpo better?

Question 98

The famous Sanchi Stupa was commissioned by

Question 99

How long will Ramesh take to run round a square park of edge 50 metres, if he runs at the rate of 18 km/hr?

Question 100

Ramesh sold a phone at a loss of 5%. Had he sold it for Rs. 200 more, he would have gained 15%. To gain 25%, he should sell it for :

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