RRB ALP 20th Aug 2018 Shift-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 61

Choose the correct figure which will replace the question mark.

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Question 62

Which of the following is a prime number?

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Question 63

10 people can build a wall in 12 days. Six people, each only half as efficient as those in the first group, will be able to complete $$\frac{3}{5}$$ of such a wall in:

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Question 64

In which of the following activities is work NOT done?

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Question 65

Consider a hypothetical planet whose mass and radius are both half that of Earth. If g is the acceleration dueto gravity on the surface of Earth, the acceleration due to gravity on the planet will be:

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Question 66

From the given four figures choose the correct mirror image for the problem figure when the mirror is on AB line.

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Question 67

Involuntary actions in human beings such as blood pressure, salivation and vomiting are controlled by the:

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Question 68

The Prime Minister of India unveiled a 112-feet bust of ‘Lord Shiva in an Adiyogi pose’ at the Isha Yoga centre in 2017. In whichcity is this statue located?

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Question 69

Which of the following is one of the saltiest lakes in the world?

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Question 70

India implemented the GST (Goods and Service Tax) from which month of 2017?

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