RRB ALP 20th Aug 2018 Shift-1 Question 63

Question 63

10 people can build a wall in 12 days. Six people, each only half as efficient as those in the first group, will be able to complete $$\frac{3}{5}$$ of such a wall in:


The correct option is A.

 let the total work is 5 units.

 $$\frac{M_{1}\times D_{1}\times eff_{1}}{w_{1}}$$ = $$\frac{M_{2}\times D_{2}\times eff_{2}}{w_{2}}$$

$$\implies$$ $$\frac{10\times 12\times 2}{5}$$ = $$\frac{6\times D_{2}\times 0.5}{3}$$

$$\implies$$ $$D_{2}$$ = 24 days.

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L. Santosh

2 years, 1 month ago

eff1 should be 1 not 2

Alwaysfor DRITM

11 months, 1 week ago

Yess bro if they are taking 2 then other side should be 1 not 0.5

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