RBI Grade B 3 Aug 2014


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 111

From a container of milk, 5 litres of milk is replaced with 5 litres of water. This process is repeated again.Thus in two attempts the ratio of milk and water became 81 : 19. The initial amount of milk in the container was

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Question 112

A bag A contains 4 green and 6 red balls. Another bag B contains 3 green and 4 red balls. If one ball is drawn from each bag, and the probability that both are green.

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Question 113

The sum of the radius and height of a cylinder is 42 cm. Its total surface area is 3696 cm 2. What is the volume of cylinder ?

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Study the pie-charts given below carefully and answer the questions.
Percentage wise Distribution of laptops (Dell & Lenovo) sold by six stores A, B, C, D, E and Fin March 2014.

Total No of Laptops (Dell and Lenovo) sold = 48000

No of Dell Laptop sold = 28000
Percentage of dell laptop sold

Question 114

The number of laptops of both types sold by stores A and C is more than that sold by stores E and F by

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Question 115

What is the ratio between the number of Dell and Lenovo laptops sold by store A ?

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Question 116

What is the respective ratio between the average number of Dell laptops sold by stores A, C and E and that sold by stores B, D and F ?

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Question 117

By what per cent is the number of Lenovo laptops sold by store B is more than that of Dell laptops sold by store E ?

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Question 118

What will be the central angle corresponding to number of laptops of both kinds sold by stores C
and F ?

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Study the following table carefully and answer the questions that follow :

Question 119

The number of literate women in village B is 39760 and that of illiterate women in village C is 25600 By what per cent is the population of village B less than that of village C ?

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Question 120

If the population of village F is 168000, what is the number of literate males ?

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