RBI Grade B 3 Aug 2014


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

Which of the following two persons were nominees in the recent presidential elections held in Afghanistan?

Question 2

Which of the fallowing credit control methods regulated by the Reserve Bank of India is not a quantitative

Question 3

Who, among the following, is the Chancellor of Germany?

Question 4

The Government of India provides debt relief in the agriculture sector. Which of the following institutions heads the accounting in this regard?

Question 5

In banking sector, Financial Resolution Authority deals with

Question 6

Which type of institution keeps information about the past credit history of customers?

Question 7

The Union Budget 2014-15 announced to provide investment allowance at for 3 years to the manufacturing company which invests more than Rs 25 crore in plant and machinery.

Question 8

Tamil parties recently their dissent against the visit of the Sri Lankan President to attend the oath-taking ceremony of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Who is the Sri Lankan President?

Question 9

What is Loan against Mortgage?

Question 10

Ajit Doval was formerly Director of the Intelligence Bureau has been appointed as

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