RBI Grade B 11 Oct 2009


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 11

The investments done by "Those Financial entities which were launched or incorporated in a foreign country but are investing in an Indian venture in India" are generally known as

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Question 12

Which of the following projections is/are made by the RBI in its Monetary and Credit policy of the RBI for 2009-10 ?
(A) It has projected that the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) based in ation would be around 4% by. March 2010
(B)The RBI has decided that it would continue to use the completion of monetary arid debt management tools to ensure successful completion of Govt. borrowing plans.
(C) As per RBI projections deposits of scheduled commercial. banks would grow to about 18%.

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Question 13

As we all know, a Committee on Financial Sector Assessment (CFSA) was set up in 2006 under the Chairmanship of Dr. Rakesh Mohan. What were its major observations ?
(A) The banks in India are in a good position to absorb shocks due to credit, liquidity and market risks.
(B) It is found that the financial sector is generally sound, and fairly liquid. However, cooperative sector needs some strengthening.
(C) Committee recommended that the foreign investments in infrastructure and banking sector should not be more than 22% as the free ow of the same is adversely. affecting the growth of domestic deposit and savings. Domestic investors do not get attractive investment options.

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Question 14

Which of the following is/are the major recommendations of Prof. Joseph Stiglitz Committee set up recently by a major international forum ?
(A)The Committee recommended that a Global Economic Council should be set up urgently to address global financial issues.
(B)All developed countries should take strong coordinated and effective actions to stimulate their economies. Industrial nations should dedicate 10% of their stimulus package for this cause.
(C) Developed countries should suspend all their investments they are making in developing and poor countries at least for a period of 5 years. The only aid which should continue should be to UN sponsored Food Assistance and Emergency programmes. This will help developed nations to consolidate their domestic positions.

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Question 15

As we all know managing inflation has been a very important aspect of the economy in India. Which of the following is/are true about the inflation and its effect on economy ?
(A) Lack of inflation (deflation) is not necessarily a thing which is always good.
(B) Inflation is an Increase In the general level of prices for goods and services.
(C) When inflation goes up, the purchasing power of the money also goes up.

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Question 16

Which of the following is the correct definition of the term National Income ?
(A) National Income means the total amount of money Govt. earns only through direct tax collections. every year.
(B)It is the total value of all sorts of stocks held by a country at a particular point of time.
(C) This is the measure of the volume of commodities and services turned out during a given period counted without duplication.

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Question 17

As we know irrigation is a very crucial problem of the Indian Agriculture. At present how much area (in terms of percentage) out of the total cropped area is irrigated ?

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Question 18

As we all know, the cooperative Banks in India are passing through a difficult phase and their performance is NOT as glamorous as that of the commercial banks today. What went wrong with cooperative Banks ?
(A) The cooperative banks disbursed credit on the loans on demand mostly without proper guarantees and documents. Hence repayments were always at the mercy of the borrowers and upto some extent on good crops.
(B) The cooperative banks are mostly under the supervisory control of the Panchayats, which are not professionally qualified to control such institutions.
(C) Cooperative Banks do not get any relief package from the Govt. Hence they have to manage their affairs on their own resources only.

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Question 19

As we have noticed many banks are now entering into Insurance business. Why are Banks entering into this sector particularly when many insurance companies are already there in India ?
(A) By providing insurance products banks are earning additional revenue in terms of fee/commission.
(B) Banks with their huge customer base are leveraging on their existing relationship to convert customers into policyholders.
(C) With increase of health related problems, everybody wants an insurance cover no matter how big or small it is. Banks are coming up with many attractive offers, which are also affordable.

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Question 20

As we know sometimes the Exim Bank of India extend the line of credit at the behest of and with the support of the Govt. of India to developing countries as part of bilateral economic cooperation pro-grammes named as IDEAS, What is the full form of IDEAS ?

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