RBI Grade B 2008


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 41

Who amongst the following players has completed 16000 runs in One day International Cricket matches recently ?

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Question 42

The current trend in Agricultural sector in India is a matter of concern for the policy makers these days as it is not showing the expected results. What is/are the major areas of problem(s) being faced by the farmers ?
(A) Irrigation facilities are not enough.
(B) Use of chemical fertilisers has badly affected the fertility of the land.
(C) Government has reduced the subsidy in the farming sector. Hence it is no more a pro table activity.

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Question 43

As we all know Chinese economy is a booming economy and its exports have played a signi cant role in it. What was the share of China's export as compared to its GDP in 2007?

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Question 44

Gagan Narang, who got a silver medal in an international championship held in Munich, is a/an

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Question 45

The Government of India recently provided a special developmental package of Rs. 10,000 crore to which of the following states of the North-East India ?

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Question 46

Kenya is passing through a state of turmoil these days and atleast 1000 people have been killed in recent past. What was/were the main reasons for this civil unrest there ?
(A) The Presidential elections took place in Kenya in December 2007, which were not considered fair by a group of people there.
(B) Some European countries are trying to develop some secret nuclear facilities there which is not liked by opposition leaders of Kenya. Their protest has taken a violent turn.
(C) Kenya has been asked by the UNO to accommodate around one lakh refugees from various African countries. Locals are dead against this proposal.

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Question 47

Something which has easily-understood instructions is said to be

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Question 48

The Government of India has taken a decision to open three more IITs during the year 2008-09. These IITs will be in which of the following groups of States ?

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Question 49

Which of the following is the correct denition of the term commercial papers ?
(A) It is nothing but the popular name of the Judicial stamp papers used to register nancial transactions.
(B) It is one of the instruments through which Corporates raise debt from the market.
(C) It is the name of the "Certi cate of Deposits" provided by the Banks to its retail customers.

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Question 50

As per the new gures released by the Government agencies the Foreign Direct Investment in ow to India is at higher level and has increased substantially in recent past. Which of the following is/are the contributory factors which has/ have helped in this record growth ?
(A) Progressive delicensing of various sectors
(B) Simpli cation of business procedures in India
(C) Sub Prime crisis in USA

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