RBI Grade B 2008


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 21

Which of the following countries is going to elect its rst 47 members' parliament for the rst time in the history of the country ?

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Question 22

Which of the following State Governments has launched a special scheme for girl child named as "Ladli-2008 scheme" ?

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Question 23

Rahul Banerjee won which of the following National Senior Championship held in January 2008 ?

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Question 24

Sunita Williams is the recipient of which of the following awards given away recently ?

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Question 25

Who amongst the following won the Men's singles title of Australian Open Tennis 2008 ?

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Question 26

Which of the following displays programs that are currently running ? A single click on one of the program icons will bring the window up.

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Question 27

In order to save an existing document with a different name you need to

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Question 28

As per the decision taken by the Government of India two nancial inclusion funds are set up with an overall corpus of Rs. 500 crore each. These funds -Financial Inclusion Fund and Financial Inclusion technology Fund- are to be set up by the initial contribution made by the

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Question 29

Many a times we read in the newspapers a term 'HOT MONEY'. Which of the following is the correct de nition of HOT MONEY ?
(A) This is the fund which is dumped into a country to get the advantage of a favourable interest rate and hence brings higher returns.
(B) This is the fund which is provided by a bank in US$ at very short notice and at a very high rate of interest and for a longer period of repayment.
(C) This is the fund which is pushed into market through Hawala or some other such illegal methods and sometimes referred also as Black Money.

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Question 30

Banks these days have launched a new scheme product known as "Reverse Mortgage". The scheme is designed keeping which of the following groups of society in consideration ?

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