RBI Grade B 17 NOV 2002


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 11

'Which among the following countries imported largest quantity of steel in the first quarter of the fiscal 2002-03?

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Question 12

Which among the following currency has been allowed as an intermediary with American dollar in India ?

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Question 13

Which among the following telephone system is regarded cheapest ?

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Question 14

The bond in which future dates are fixed for sell & purchase are known as —

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Question 15

According to the new guidelines of Reserve Bank of India [RBI), a person's individually earned foreign currency can be deposited in which of the following accounts ?

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Question 16

With the development of Information Technology & Internet, Banks have started now to use C.RM. system. The full form of C.RM. is

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Question 17

The full form of E.E.F.C. is

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Question 18

Which among the following is the main objective of 'Granted Postal Service' started recently in India ?

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Question 19

Which among the following is the objective of a cut in the Bank Rate announced by Reserve Bank of India ?

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Question 20

According to the World Bank Report, India has retained its position as the world's fourth largest economy. Which of the following countries are ahead of India ?

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